The Mother-Daughter Bond Is Even More Powerful Now

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Her eldest daughter had her birthday on March 18th.

And Susan celebrated her oldest daughter’s birthday in a big way this year.
It was possible because Susan won big online, so she wanted to spoil her daughter.
And gifted Paige a car for her birthday.

‘Paige turned 16,’ she said during the interview.
‘I can’t believe I have a child that drives.’

‘Everyone’s saying to me, ‘Are you nervous that she’s driving?’
I knock on wood, I’m like,
‘To tell you the truth, no. I know she’s going to do just fine,’ she said.

‘I didn’t start driving out with her right away because my father did, which I love that.
I love that her and my dad had bonded that way and she’ll always remember that [he] helped her, taught her to drive.’

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